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Home Loan / Purchases


Whether it be buying your first home or adding to your property investment portfolio, The Finance Professionals can help you. Our experienced brokers can guide you through the sometimes complicated process of property purchase. We are able to assist both the first time and the experienced property purchaser with expert knowledge that genuinely adds value.

We hold accreditations with all the major and minor lending institutions Australia wide allowing us to genuinely provide you with an accurate comparison to the most suitable products in the market at that particular point in time. This ensures your loan is the one most suitable to you and your requirements.

When the time is right for you to consider your new purchase we are available to help you through every step. More specifically we can assist in:

  • Budgeting – we sit down with you and figure out exactly what you can borrow. Flowing from this we advise how much deposit you will require as well as any Government Grants that you may be eligible for. At this point you will have a clear picture of what is required to achieve your goal of home ownership.
  • Pre Approval – once you are in a position to purchase we liaise with lenders to obtain the necessary approvals allowing you can start the process of finding a property with absolute confidence in your finance.
  • Property Selection – we have access to current market data along with historical property information that we are more than happy to share with you to help you refine your property search.
  • Loan Approval – once you have signed the contract for your purchase, we quickly get together all the required documents for your Formal Approval. We attempt to get this done as quickly as possible to satisfy any Finance Clauses.
  • Settlement – once you have successfully obtained Formal Approval we can help with all aspects of settlement. We will engage with all the necessary parties to ensure settlement goes as smoothly as possible. We are also in a position to recommend professionals, such as conveyancers, who you may not already have.

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