Commercial Loan

Commercial Loans

Have you purchased a new Commercial property for either your business or as an investment? Or are you seeking to refinance an existing Commercial Mortgage? We at The Finance Professionals can help you source the most appropriate funding for your Commercial Loan scenario. We have access to an unrivalled spectrum of lenders who are willing to consider almost any Commercial Loan scenario.

What is a Commercial Loan?

A Commercial Loan is essentially anything that is not a standard residential loan. Commercial Loan securities thus include:

  • Shops & Offices
  • Commercial and Industrial Land
  • Warehouses
  • Residential blocks of units
  • Development sites
  • Specialised securities such as childcare facilities

Commercial Loans are also not bound by the NCCP provisions and as such there are a multitude of alternative lenders who compete for not only the standard Commercial Loans but also for the ones which fall outside the conventional lenders parameters. These lenders can provide fast solutions for borrowers who may be Low or No Doc or have Bad Credit. The Finance Professionals have an enviable panel of both major bank, second tier and alternative lenders who are willing no matter the income documents you can provide. Our solutions include:

  • Standard Commercial Loans
  • Low Doc Commercial Loans
  • No Doc (Private Mortgage) Commercial Loans
  • Lease Doc Commercial Loans
  • Development Finance

Why Use The Finance Professionals for your Commercial Loan?

A deep knowledge of the Commercial Finance market, coupled with our extensive lender panel sees The Finance Professionals as an ideal partner to assist you with your Commercial Finance requirements. By leveraging our strengths you gain access to innovative financing options that can solve the most tricking financing situation.

Furthermore, we are experts at putting together your loan application in a way that maximises the chance of approval. We spend the time to make sure your application is put up in the best light as we understand that typically you have got one chance for success. We won’t needlessly apply to numerous lenders, rather we will identify the most appropriate lender and ensure that your application is tailored to their requirements. It is this professionalism you can expect from The Finance Professionals.

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Standard Commercial Loans

If you are PAYG or have full up to date financials and tax returns available the Commercial Finance world is your oyster! You have the choice from major bank finance all the way to private financiers. The Finance Professionals are able to provide solutions that both solve your financing requirements and come with some of the following additional benefits:

  • 25 year loan terms
  • No annual reviews
  • Up to 100% LVR (Residential securities only)
  • Specialised Securities

We understand that sometimes rate isn’t the most important aspect of your Commercial Loan, so we will endeavour to find out what’s truly important for you.

Standard Commercial Loan Summary

Max LVR 100% (Residential security)
Max LVR 80% (Commercial security)
Max Loan Unlimited
Interest Rate Please contact us
Land Yes
Construction Yes
Debt Consolidation Yes
Cash Out Yes

Development Finance

No matter the stage of your current development, The Finance Professionals can assist. From securing the site, assisting with the construction finance or taking out the residual stock, we have the financing options for you.

For more information on our Development Finance options please  Click Here

Commercial / Bad Credit


If you are unfortunately one of the many thousands of Australians who have Bad

Commercial / Low Doc

If you are unable to provide up to date income documents, such as current financials and
Commercial / Lease Doc

Do you have a current 3rd party lease for your Commercial investment property? We may be
Commercial / No Doc Loans

Even if you are unable to provide any form of income documents The Finance Professionals can

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